Looking to hire a Kid’s Magician?

David Peace offers a family show for Birthdays, Communions and Confirmations for children 7 years or older.

I wasn’t expecting that! Great seeing a Corkonian I’d class number 1 now anyway – Peace of Mind Audience Member

David show includes audience interaction from both adults and children. Yes adults that does mean you can’t hide down the back ;-) David will also make the child whose party it is the star of the show! They will be selected for certain tricks and get an experience they will never forget! David caters his show to suit the age of the child whose party it is, especially the parts including him/her.

How did you pick that up because I deliberately went poker face on you! – PJ Coogan The Opinion Line Cork’s 96FM

After the approx 30mins show David then performs close up magic for all the guests. Seeing magic up close and personal like that is an amazing experience. Everyone has seen magic on TV but to see it right in front of your eyes, knowing that there can’t be any camera tricks, is an experience not everyone experiences!

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